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Cinamon Kimbrough LAc

Cinamon Kimbrough — LAc. LMT

My therapies have centered on pain management for over 10 years by
working closely with patients and their physicians to find the best
customized treatment for theindividual.

My work and philosopy is rooted in a holistic childhood which included cranio-sacral, nutrition, spiritual discipline, and wellness as a lifestyle. Later, I learned from my father, Dr. Harris M.
Kimbrough, Jr. D. D.S. after attending The Chicago School of Massage
He specialized in osteopathic cranial therapy, nutrition, and homeopathy for dentistry. We had the fortunate experience to help people heal from cancer, M.S., and musculoskeletal dysfunction. We also held seminars with innovative physicians teaching Osteopathic therapies, nutrition, and homeopathy to dentists for nearly 40 years.
I had the privilege to work side by side some of Chicagoland’s most innovative practitioners/professors passionate in integrating holistic care. These therapies have included visceral therapy as gastro-intestinal, and autoimmune disorders are on the rise. As a result of working in these areas, I found Traditional Chinese Medicine in line with my patients’ needs.
I pursued my TCM degree and graduated from The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (2015) and have implemented these doctrines and treatment to my therapy. I address the muscular, visceral, meridian, and nervous systems disruptions, thus assisting the whole person’s innate healing response.

The fascia, tendons and muscle tissue are a great indicator of dysfunction and health. Deficiencies, poor nutrition/absorption, decreased circulation, adrenal/energy fatigue, hormonal changes, trauma, and excessive environmental conditions can lead to rigid muscles, inflammation, atrophy and/or pain. This can inhibit blood flow, lymph, waste elimination, and eventually affect organ functions. Muscle balance is also important in pain management especially with lifestyle conditions including sitting, lifting, poor sleep habits, and long hours. This is where we begin.

I assess the body using orthopedic testing, palpating musculoskeletal findings, TCM diagnostics, emotional and environmental factors, trauma, and medical history to create a treatment custom to the individual, integrating with the patient’s physicians and current treatment plan. Optimizing the best possible journey to health and wellness.


About My Team
Summer Purks — Front Desk

Summer is in charge of our font desk and has been a Reiki practitioner since 2014. She has a strong passion and purpose towards Acupuncture and is currently attending the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture and in the beginning stages of her clinical internship.


Jenny Purks – Reiki Master and Homeopath

Jenny is our new Office Manager and is now seeing patients for both Reiki and Homeopathy. Jenny has been attuned to the Master level of Reiki and has been using Reiki energy healing for 15 years. She attended the Institute of Natural Health Sciences in Michigan and received her certificate for Homeopathy in 2006. Jenny has 12 years of experience using Homeopathy and is continuing her education here in Arizona at the American College of Homeopathy. She is passionate about combining different modalities to restore overall balance and wellbeing.

Our Mission

To get you back to amazing health and wellness, so you can continue to to do the things you love to do with your family and friends.