Therapeutic Message


Therapeutic Massage:
Gentle to deep tissue manipution with attention to areas of strain or discomfort.
Techniques may include:
• Kneading: manually milking the muscle
• Myofascial release: Slow shallow but sliding on fascia that lies on
top of the muscles.
• Acupupressure : pressure of an acupuncture point to release
tension or provide that points therapeutic properties.
• Triggor point therapy: similar to acupressure deep pressure
of a congested muscle adhesion or contracton.
• Joint mobilization: stretching, muscle resistent exercises,
relaxed assisted joint range of motion.

These techniques aim to bring muscle tension balance, reduce and relax stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, decrease inflamation and reduce pain.

Cranio Sacral/Visceral/Meridian therapy:
Gentle manipulation and/or light pressure using the Central Nervous system along the spine and head with Chinese meridians, overlapping the osteopathic and Chinese Medicine theories. The compression of areas or holding sends signals to the central nervous system and/or meridian. This activates the area of the body to harmonize and bring homeostasis to the area of imbalance. Improving the circulation, eliminating lymph buildup and reducing pain or increasing function.
This is safe if the patient has acute or chronic ailments, recent truama such as car accidents and sports injury. Cranial work enhances our rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous) system state reducing the cortisol levels and side effects of stress in the long term sfight or flight (sympathetic nervous stystem) state.
This can reduce ailments from migraines, digestion, mental clarity issues, traumatic injury, eye strain, vertigo and unexplained nueromuscular pain.

These modalities depending on the patient work well together or individuallly.

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