Healing is a deep and mysterious process much more complex than can be explained by anatomy, physiology and pathology...

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Acupuncture is a eastern medicine technique that is similar to the homeostasis state of the internal equilibrium we want to achieve in Western medicine. The points on the meridians can cause specific chemical signaling within and between cells that result in this homeostasis and encourage self healing naturally. 

Chinese Herbal Pharmacy


 Herbal Medicine is essential to the practice of Chinese Medicine.  Five Elements Theory and Yin-Yang theory in the Chinese Medicine Principle page. When applying this theory to diagnose and treat the individual health issues, the key is to find the imbalance then to revolve this imbalance. 




Cupping is a modality that uses the suction of the cup to lift the tissue allowing better blood flow, lymph and to move. This can facilitate
obstructions that stagnate in 

the body. It can treat nueromuscular
pain, repetitive joint, trauma 

and injuries. 



Guasha is an asian medicine treatment that involves “Gua,” 

the term meaning scraping

or rubbing. Grafston and scraping are other names derived from this technique and used

within western medical practices such as physical therapy.

The “sha” is the blood stagnation raised from the subcutaneous.




Therapeutic bodywork helps to improve flexibility, reduce pain and inflammation, improve muscle tone and circulation and promote a deep state of relaxation. We offer

  • Myofascial Release
  • Acupupressure
  • Triggor Point Therapy
  • Joint Mobilization
  • CranioSacral/Visceral

Patient FAQs

  • Patients should eat at least one hour before acupuncture appointments.

  • Dress in comfortable clothing or some patients bring shorts.

  • We supply gowns or a sheet if needed.

  • We can supply a superbill for insurance yet we do not take insurance at this time