After going thru my life changing experience dealing with breast cancer, I was left with neuropathy in my hands and feet. Since starting my treatments with Shuyuan, I’ve never felt better. The recovery started off slowly as she told me it would. The improvement although slow and steady has me a firm believer in Shuyuan’s ability and knowledge to help me thru this!

Tara age 51 Scottsdale, Az

I had heard some good things about Shuyuan from another patient. They said you have the same knowledge level as a physician, so I said how can I loose. I have looked at several TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) sites and decided on your traditional background as both a physician and an acupuncturist. Most others are only acupuncturists.- Kun Phx, AZ

I came to see Shu for arthritis pain in my thumb. During the first visit, she took a complete medical history and talked to me for more than an hour to get an in-depth understanding of my overall health and how she could help me. My arthritis pain has diminished by 75% and the swelling and heat in that joint is almost completely gone. During a two-year period, Shu has treated me for hot flashes, back and knee pain, pinched nerve in my neck, skin rash and sinus headaches. She often treats me for many of these conditions at the same time during one appointment, pointing out how they are often related. In addition to acupuncture, Shu has treated me with herbs that have significantly improved my skin rash, hot flashes and other hormone related symptoms, and the common cold. Her extensive medical training in both western medicine and Chinese medicine is readily apparent and has allowed me to put my trust in her. I continue to recommend her to my family and friends.- Thank you Shu. - Mary L J

Over the years I have dealt with many many medical providers and I consider Shu to be at the very top of my list list . Her In-depth knowledge of acupuncture and ability to prescribe proper herbs to help the body heal has been very helpful over the years. Most importantly, what sets her apart from her peers is that Shu takes the time to listen to your situation and without hurrying you will do research on her own time in order to come up with the proper solution customized for you. She is also extremely honest, and as my symptoms got better actually decreased the amount of visits she felt were necessary. I find this combination of honesty, caring and knowledge extremely rare in today’s medical world.- Allan F

Dr.Hong brings extensive acupuncture skills and knowledge of Chinese herbs and medicine that can be acquired only by years of study and experience.
I’ve seen first hand how well my mother had responded to Dr.Hong’s treatments.My mother had such a high level of confidence and regard for Dr. Hong that my sister and I are now being treated by her. We feel very fortunate to have found an acupuncturist who sees her work as a calling to heal and educate her patients.Needless to say, we have seen results in our health that are a result of her skills, techniques, and deep knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine.
I would recommend anyone who has great interest in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatments.- Diana Y

Shuyuan Hong has helped me find relief from chronic migraines. For many years I suffered from migraine headaches. Every year the headaches got worse and more frequent. To find relief I went to the family physician, two neurologists, a migraine specialists and a nutritionist. They provided disturbing medications, and recommendations for dietary change, but no real relief. The headaches just keep getting stronger.

Based on the recommendation of a friend I decided to try acupuncture and went to see Shu.In the initial interview Shu learned that the ligaments in my knees started popping about 20 years ago. She also learned that I had problems with other tendons in my legs, and some pain in my shoulder, all of which also started about 20 years ago. Coincidentally, my migraines started at about the same time. In my initial treatment, the focus was on my knees and my legs in the pain in my shoulder. A few tiny needles went into strategic spots around my neck and head. I had a migraine that day, but I did not see how this was going to help. Being truly skeptical, it never occurred to me that the problems with my legs and my shoulder were all related to the migraines.

I walked into Shu’s office with a migraine, and out of Shu’s office migraine free, and my knees had stopped popping. It was almost a year before I had another migraine, and then it was minor and easy to manage. Now I see Shu when I need to. Between acupuncture, and her carefully selected Chinese herbal medicines, the migraines are now very few and easily managed. This has allowed me to go from a place of great frustration and pain to a point where now migraines are no longer a factor in my life.

Now my wife sees Shu. My son sees her, too. I started skeptical, even suspicious. Now that I have seen the benefits, I can recommend Shu to you with no hesitation.- Sincerely, John J Jr

I am a 50 year old woman and began seeing Shu for care in conjunction with my traditional breast cancer treatments. She helped me tremendously with the side effects of chemotherapy. As part of my treatment I take Tamoxifen which causes hot flashes. With Shu’s treatments my hot flashes have completely gone away. I have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Shu has helped lower my over all body pain level from a 7-8 on my worst days to a 1-2. I also have degenerative disc disease and sciatica. With Shu’s treatment most days I am pain free. Shu treats each patient with respect and shows that she cares. Her knowledge of both western modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine is very evident and she applies that knowledge in her treatment regimen. Shu takes the time to listen to her patient’s concerns and uses her knowledge to treat the whole body, not just one symptom, to bring balance to the individual. I recommend to anyone that will listen that they come see Shu for any imbalance in their body!-Carol

I have tried Acupuncture before with mixed results. When I first went to Shu, I needed to find relief from the symptoms associated with long-term constipation, including abdominal pain, nausea, etc. A more natural approach was preferred rather than taking more over-the-counter and prescription medicines. Shu is knowledgeable, caring and an expert in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and the use of herbal remedies. Her Acupuncture and herbal remedies have helped me improve my symptoms and general health significantly. She has even worked to customize the herbal remedies to meet my specific needs. I feel very fortunate to have found Shu and recommend her without reservation.-Patti B.

I have suffered from seasonal allergies all my life but with age, this has now turned into asthma. This always occurs every February. I have noticed my symptoms were getting more chronic & debilitating. After trying every other type of medication and treatment to no avail, I was referred to Shu for therapy. I must admit I was skeptical and a bit apprehensive to undergo acupuncture treatments. I began Shu’s treatments in December with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. To my amazement in less than two months of weekly visits, my asthma was 50 percent better! I will continue with Shu because I know that I will no longer be suffering with allergies in the foreseen future. Chinese medicine is an amazing art that is often overlooked and discounted. I am now a firm believer and have acquired a lifelong commitment to acupuncture as part of my essential overall wellness routine. She is such a kind and capable therapist. She has given back to me my wellness and I will forever be a grateful advocate of her.- Scott D. – Gilbert, AZ

I have always suffered with insomnia for years, but found it progressively getting worse. This in turn has caused me to feel unbalanced; unable to cope very well with life’s happenings; quiet anxiety and unnecessary worries. After watching my husband go through acupuncture for his allergies/asthma and seeing his amazing progress, I became so hopeful to see what acupuncture could do for me. I just wanted to feel “normal” again. After one treatment, I easily feel asleep and a dream! It has been years since I have had a dream. With continued treatments and herbs, I now feel balanced, less worried, able, and calm to handle everyday life. I look forward to each new day to so enjoy! Thank you Shu!- Pauline D. – Gilbert, AZ

I have been seeing Shu since November 2014. I was referred to Shu by my physical therapist. I had a microdisectomy at L5S1 and re-herniated the disk 6 weeks after surgery. I was not in a position to be able to have surgery at that time and had significant pain radiating down my left leg. Shu took a very thorough health history from me and I saw her twice a week for 4-5 weeks. She also included the use of chinese herbs with my acupunture treatments.Shu is a very experienced practitioner and kind and compassionate as well. Her goal is to relieve your pain and use acupuncture for a healthy body system.Shu is very interested explaining how acupuncture works in medical terms and what it can and cannot do. I am impressed with the physiological explanations and the help I received from Shu. I highly recommend her to all of my friends and family with any physical ailment or pain. - Diana C

My experience with Shu has been phenomenal. She goes above and beyond the call of duty and her results speak for themselves. Within 3 visits my energy levels improved significantly, I was sleeping regularly, and my menstrual cycles began to regulate within the normal range, which has been a problem of mine since adolescence. I first came to Schu knowing I needed to regulate my sporadic and highly symptomatic menstruation cycles to improve my fertility in order to conceive following my upcoming wedding.

Not only has Shu helped me achieve my goals, she has completely relieved me of all premenstrual symptoms and has provided me with other unexpected health benefits along the way. As a practitioner in the alternative health field myself, I appreciate the diamond in the rough that Shu is. She spends as much time as it takes for each individual patient and does not allow today’s “turn and burn” model into her practice. Although this was not my first experience with acupuncture, this is by far the best and most effective experience with it that I’ve had. Her knowledge of internal physiology, herbal applications, practiced hand with needling, and passion for continued education has turned Shu into my “go-to” for my family’s health needs. I can’t express my appreciation for what she has done for me! – Dr. Taylor R

I have been suffering for several years with carpal tunnel issues that kept worsening, to the point that I was seriously considering surgery. A friend with a shoulder injury, who had had been in a great deal of pain, and was told that her only recourse was surgery, told me about Shuyuan Hong, L.A.C. MS, and how she had helped her—her pain was gone and she had full range of motion on her shoulder. At about the same time, a friend of my husband’s, whose wife had injured her back, told him about how Shu had helped his wife. As a medical doctor he was skeptical at first, so he questioned Shu at length before having her work on his wife. He was satisfied that Shu knew a great deal, not only about acupuncture and Easter medicine, but about Western medicine as well.

One of the first things Shu told me was that she couldn’t just treat my carpal tunnel—she had to treat the whole body. She has helped me improve in many areas; but because I waited so long to get help with my carpal tunnel, I have some nerve damage in my wrists that will take longer to heal. I can now do things, like open jars, lift things and sleep without braces on my wrists most of the time. I am still a work in progress, but greatly improved, and thankful to Shu.

I have referred many friends to Shu, with issues such as severe asthma, insomnia, hormone imbalance, adrenal problems, arthritis, shoulder issues, knee and ankle injuries, neuropathy, even cancer; and Shu has been able to help them, some with just a few treatments. Shu genuinely cares about her patients and her sincere desire is to help them.- Patsy H

I am 75 years old and can state without exception that Shu is the most competent health professional I have ever consulted. During the two years I have been her patient, Shu’s skills in both acupuncture and Chinese medicine have prevented any illness for me. Periodic treatment with Shu has brought a healthy balance to my mind and body…without traditional medication.I highly recommend getting an appointment with her soon!- Penelope D, Ph.D.

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Shu Hong to me last fall. I began treatment in hopes of improving my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Dr Hong’s acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs improved my symptoms to the point where I was able to eliminate the use of traditional rheumatoid medications, and their side effects. I have recommended Dr. Hong to friends who suffered various ailments, and they all received relief, especially one young man who actually avoided back surgery! I will be forever grateful for all Dr. Hong has done to improve the quality of my Life!” - Mignon S.